Monday, 21 May 2012

One Digital Central – Where you don’t Need to Shout, “Open Sesame” for Access

Remember the most famous Arabic tale of, “Ali Baba and Forty Thieves”, where forty thieves use to hide their robbed treasure in a cave and to have an access to that very treasure they need to say a code, which goes like, “iftah ya simsim" (translated as "Open Sesame" in English).
How about if we say that there is sesame, but this time, it is not about gold coins, diamonds and emeralds, rather it is about digital equipments and on top of that you do not need to say any such Arabic code for accessing it. It might sound like, “Wow!” Yes and if you don’t believe our words, go check the web portal of one digital central.
Unlike most web portals that are full of fakeness and forgeries, this website is completely different, as it strictly have no space for any such lunatic thing. When some is up for buying any digital equipment for his personal or business use, he always ponders about many things as follows:
Will I be getting what I liked or will I be forced to like what I get: Before ordering anything from a place where physical inspection is not possible and one has to rely on internet demos and eye-catchy pictures. The thing that scares the hell out of us is the quality of the ordered product, which will be finally delivered. No one can deny from the cases where customers are duped with misrepresentations of items and sellers after rolling their dice to the maximum for sixes, vanish in thin air like they never exists i.e. they completely disappears without a trace.
Eye-twitching before entering the CVV code: Eye-twitching i.e. blinking of eye, which is considered as inauspicious in some cultures and is taken as a symbol of, “something going to be wrong”. Most of these web portals have a history of hacking and hijacking of loggers’ personal information and thus people fears about entering their personal information on such portal. Irrefutably, there are some websites, which were summoned for selling the personal information to third parties. If it is only limited up to sharing of shopping interests and contact number, it can be tackled, but when it is about residential addresses and some utmost secret numbers, we cannot take chances. It makes us doubting Thomas for about entire web shopping concept and pushes us toward the gorge of negative questions before entering the CVV (card verification value) code for a deal. It might be that the seller is genuine, but what if the portal is under the threats of computer hackers.

Therefore, choosing a right web portal like one digital central, for online shopping pertaining to digital equipments can save us from drowning in these worries.

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